3 tips that make me a happy camper at work

By Oscar Carlsson | June 21st, 2011 | Inspiration, Life
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It is easy to be a happy camper when you work with your passion. But eventually I think every person hit some speed bumps with periods of less motivation and flow.  I’ve written down 3 tips that keep my speed bumps away for as long as possible and make my work fun and productive.

1.       Split up your work into creative and automatic work.

I’ve got around 3-4 hours of creative workflow every day and it is when my energy is high. The rest of the day I’m just too tired to do something creative. The solution that works for me is to divide my work into creative work and automatic work that I can do in my sleep.
(Checking E-mail is not creative so don’t spend your mornings by answering emails.)

2.        Daily routines are boring but they make me happy.

Since I can remember my dad has been preaching me about routines in life. It took me 25 years until I began listening and now I can’t be without them.  Today when I screw with my routines I begin going down in a black spiral. It’s a slow spiral so the miserable feeling doesn’t kick in during the first or second week with bad routines. It’s after 3-4 weeks I recognize the change and become unhappy - which result in an unproductive and unmotivated workflow.

My most important routines are to sleep around 1am, wake up at 8am, exercise every day and eat healthy food. I can’t say that I’m always successful but when I do follow these routines I’m a happier person.  

3.       The Pac-man effect

Productivity has according to me a lot to do with motivation. So to become more productive you need to learn about your own motivation triggers. I’m a person who flourishes when I get nice comments and positive feedback. To me positive feedback is a power source that can’t be compared to anything alike.

I eat comments and feedback like Pac-Man and that’s why I call it the Pac-Man effect.

To get the Pac-Man effect I need to show what I do to friends and family. With that in mind I try to publish everything I do on Twitter and Facebook to get this positive power source. It’s not about bragging, it is about feeding my Pac-Man to run faster.

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