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Dazed and Confused

Working with multiple projects

In a Kevin Rose and Gary Vaynerchuk Keynote Gary was asked how he handle working with multiple projects all at once....
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Who the fuck is Brad Pitt?

I do what I do worst

By some odd reason I like doing what I do worst. Right now I’m trying to get better in making videos. It’s definitely a challenge...
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Spotify in the U.S

Spotify Guide - A showcase of its features

I’ve made a short Spotify guide. In the video you will learn about its features and see why it is totally awesome....
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New Office

My office during July

Today I decided to move back to my old office. It's a great place and there are some crazy people working here so I love it....
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Study or not

Should I get back to school?

In February this year I dropped out of university and began working fulltime with my own web company. Should I get back to school?...
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Oscar at his office

3 tips that make me a happy camper at work

3 tips that keep my speed bumps away for as long as possible and make my work fun and productive....
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11 Quotes that inspire me every day

I’ve always been inspired by great qoutes. Today I’ll share my favorite ones that I’ve written down on my precious “idea book”....
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