Marry The Internet & Make It Grow

By Oscar Carlsson | February 13th, 2012 | MarryTheInternet, My Projects
MarryTheInternet deisgn

Today I will start with my project "MarryTheInternet" for real. I’m so excited about the journey and hopefully it will end with a kick ass wedding.

Am I getting married?
–  I believe so.

With who?
– The Internet!

The idea about MarryTheInternet started 7 months after a break-up with my ex-girlfriend. I was having a deep conversation with my friend Eskil about life and girls and I said something like:

- I don’t need a girlfriend. It is so overrated. I’ve got the internet and it gives me more sex than I can handle.

It was a joke but it got me thinking. How many people in the world love the internet as much as I do? There must be millions! And there is no official way to show that love.

The idea about was born!

On this blog you can be a part of MarryTheInternet’s journey. I’ll be writing about every progress and about ideas that pops up. Maybe you'll have some ideas you would like to share.

Non-profit project

MarryTheInternet is a non- commercial project! 100% of the revenue will go to a another charity project to spread the internet. I want the whole world to be connected to the internet. The people in Egypt and Lybia have showed the importance of the Internet. Let get the world connected!

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