Should I get back to school?

By Oscar Carlsson | July 04th, 2011 | Life
Study or not

In February this year I dropped out of university and began working full-time with my own web company. So far I haven’t regret that decision once because I love what I’m working with and I’ve also had the fortune to travel to Amsterdam twice, Berlin, Copenhagen, Hamburg and New York City during this period.

But back in my head I hear my mom and dad’s voice:
- Oscar, get back to school! You will regret it if you don’t. Your degree is something you can be proud of and something that no one can take away from you.

I do understand them because I am so close to getting my degrees. If I study one more year I’ll have a double degree in business and computer science. But at the same time I’m not motivated to start studying again and I’m also living my dream as a travelling web entrepreneur.

What is a university degree worth? Will I be happier if I finish my studies? Will it result in a better job in the end?

What are you thoughts about a university degree?

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