Stop thinking and start doing

By Oscar Carlsson | July 01st, 2011 | Social Media
Stop thinking - start doing

Please CEOs don’t wait for the perfect social media strategy before making an appearance on platforms like Twitter, Facebook, Quora. Just Do It, see what’s out there and start learning the game.

“Strategies are less important before you know the game.”

All these platforms are so young that it doesn’t matter if you play with a 4-4-2 or 3-5-2 strategy (soccer terminology).  Your employees need to learn the social media game and they do that by kicking the ball around and by having fun.

Don't let strategies become an obstacle

In my opinion there are too many social media experts with advanced strategies that stand in the way of a company’s learning curve. Instead of being something positive the strategies and the thinking becomes obstacles and create hesitation in employees mind.

Never ask yourself if this is something I can do according to our strategy? If you do I believe you are doing it wrong. Just go out there, be yourself and see what happens. You learn by doing and you learn even more when you fail.

We are all beginners

We are all beginners so don’t be frightened by people who knows the game better than you. Yeah, some people have played more but that doesn't imply that you've got less talent to play the game.

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